9 reasons why John Daly is a golfing hero

Published 20/03/2010 08:00:34

John Daly is a big IntoTheRough favourite, we just can't wait for his next story to come up so we can talk about the big man. We've got 9 hole's worth of reasons as to why he's a hero to most golf fans.


1. The Big Drives

Who doesn't want to hit the ball further? We all do. And none of us could hit it as far as big John when he burst onto the Tour.

2. The Majors

Not just a talking head, Daly has won two majors - the PGA in 1991 and The Open in 1995. Not bad going for a "fat man".

3. The Quotes

Daly is endlessly quotable, here are just three of his top quotes:

"I believe nicotine plus caffeine equals protein."

"There are probably some things I could do to keep my flexibility up, but I'd rather smoke, drink diet Cokes and eat."

"All my exes wear Rolexes."

4. He's a Human Being, Not a Robot

Top golfers are clean-cut (well, mostly - Tiger), exercise well and are so focussed you'd be hard pressed to get a smile out of them. That's fine of course but Daly is different. He's battled drink, drugs and God knows what else.

He's someone the fans can identify with because he battles his demons very publicly.

5. Fan Acknowledgement

Check out Daly's Twitter page to see how in touch with his fans he is. So in touch he called them to arms on journalist Garry Smits.

6. Fighting Authority

In a game where following the rules is everything, Daly regularly breaks them. His list of transgressions is even greater than Tiger's little black book. Highlights include:

  • Failing to "give best efforts" during Tour events at least 21 times 
  • disciplined for hitting a tee shot off the top of a beer can during a Pro-Am event. (Youtube.)
  • Daly was fined a total of nearly $100,000, suspended from the Tour five times, given probation six times, and cited for unprofessional conduct 11 times.

7. Fighting the Flab

Because we all like to see someone lose a lot of weight - it gives us hope that we can do the same. Ok, so he kinda cheated what with having the gastric band n'all but come on, who wouldn't? Ok, don't answer that.

8. The Underdog

Daly has had many comebacks, not all of them successful. But he keeps coming back, gripping and ripping it. Everyone loves an underdog - just look at Tom Watson's 2009 British Open appearance.

9. Car Crash TV

Who doesn't want to watch a volatile character that could go off the rails at any moment?


Of course Daly isn't everyone's cup of tea, what do you think?


1.  Everyone deserves another chance.

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