7 key tips for varying your shot's shape and trajectory

Published 28/03/2010 08:14:00

Being able to shape your shot (e.g. fade or draw ) and change the trajectory (e.g. flop shot or punch shot ) are important skills for tackling all but the most tame of golf courses. These key tips will help you out and are easy to remember. Give them a try.

Shot-shaping and trajectory keys


  1. To hit a fade, the clubface needs to be open through impact in relation to your body; for a draw it should be closed.

  2. Take care over your address position, because setting your body to aim in a slightly different direction to the clubface will automatically change your swing path to deliver the desired shape of shot.

  3. When on the course visualise the ideal ball flight then employ a pre-shot routine, for a good result.

  4. Move the ball forward in your stance for a higher trajectory and take it back for a lower flight path.

  5. Reduce the tension in your forearms at address in order to hit the ball further.

  6. Make a slightly softer swing to hit the ball lower; harder to hit it higher.

  7. Control the fluidity of your swing (and the backspin generated through impact) through varying the strength in your grip.
Hopefully you should be able to commit these to memory for the next time you are on the golf course. Good luck and happy shot-shaping.


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