6 Tips For Harder Hitting

Published 22/11/2010 07:10:00

To get more distance, you can develop some preswing mental keys that will trigger greater club head speed through impact. These six keys have little to do with brute force. Instead, they'll help reduce the tension that inhibits a free flowing action. Read all six, then visualise one of them as you prepare to swing. It's a good idea to alternate the keys from time to time so that you always have a fresh image.


1. Grip Lightly

Think about the tension flowing out of your arms and grip the club very lightly -- with just enough pressure to keep it secure. Now, instead of shoving the club away from the ball, you'll be able to swing it back in a smooth, wide arc. You'll be generating power through a gradual buildup of club head speed.


2. Keep the Legs Lively

At address, imagine that your legs are two coiled springs ready to contribute to the power in your swing. Address the ball with a good knee flex and even bounce a little bit as you prepare for the shot. Envision your weight shifting onto your right leg as you swing back. This will help you use the entire body to execute the back swing, not just your hands and arms, and put "spring" into the start of your downswing, too.


3. Make a Wide Arc

Visualize the left arm and club shaft as a single unit Swing back slowly and smoothly. This "radius" lets the clubhead make a wide circle around your spine. The wider the radius, the farther the club head travels; and the farther it travels. the faster it will move through impact.


4. Start Down with Legs

Most straight hitters get power only from the upper body. To get your lower body into it, see your first move down as a lateral shift of your knees directly at the target. Your weight moves immediately onto your left side, pulling your hands and arms into the ball with increasing speed.


5. Swing Through

Imagine that the ball is an insignificant object that's gotten in the way of your best practice swing. This image will free you from any tendency to steer the clubhead. Steering causes you to hold back the release of the wrists and reduces your clubhead speed before Impact.


6. Finish High

Imagine a follow-through: hands above head, clubhead behind you, back slightly arched, weight on left foot and your belt buckle facing slightly left of the target. To reach this balanced position, you'll swing the clubhead freely through impact, with no hint of steering.


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