5 Quick Golf Swing Tips

Published 13/04/2010 08:06:41

With all the golf swing information around your head can often swim with thoughts of triggers, kicks and stance configurations. So in this guide we aim to make it easy - 5 simple tips that will give you a smoother and more repeatable swing.


Swing Tips


1.Drag the club away

Making a smooth takeaway is one of the secrets to playing well and holding your game together under pressure. A key thing to think about when when doing your takeaway is to feel as though you are dragging a heavy object on the end of a rope. This prevents you from picking up the club too steeply and swinging too quickly.


2.Keep your body moving

The turning motion of the body creates much of the power in the downswing. In addition to turning correctly on the backswing, it is very important to continue turning your body in the downswing.

Ben Hogan advocated that the body should turn to the left as fast as possible in the downswing.


3. Give your swing a trigger

Freezing over the ball is a major problem for many amateur golfers. It is a good idea to have a swing trigger that will automatically start your backswing.

Gary Player and Sam Snead both started their backswing with a slight forward press of the hands toward the target before rebounding into their takeaway. Jack Nicklaus swivels his chin slightly to the right to trigger his backswing.


4. Keep your head still during the swing

Allowing the head to move too much from side to side during the swing causes a lot of problems. In fact, most amateurs move their heads far more than they think they do and this is a key reason for their badly struck and mistimed shots .

Ian Woosnam often hits practice shots with his feet together to prevent him from moving his head. If his head moves, he will lose his balance and struggle to strike the ball cleanly.


5. Swing from left toe to right heel

Bob Torrance believes that a good way to encourage the correct transfer of weight during the swing is to point your left knee at the ball at the top of the swing and point your right knee at the ball through impact.


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