5 key ways to improve your golf fitness

Published 15/03/2010 08:01:31

The beauty of the human body is that it adapts so well. No-one is born with the genetic ability to run a marathon or bench-press 300lbs (well, there are some freaks out there!) but we can all train our bodies to do the things we want them to.


The beauty of golf is that it isn't especially taxing on the body - you can play right into your 60s,70s and beyond. The only reason most Senior Tour players can no longer compete is they lack the mental toughness to stay the course with younger and fitter players.


So how can you improve your golf fitness and stay at the top of your game for longer? Well, swinging a golf club is a unique movement, and has certain repetitive elements that will be improved if you train your body to be better at them.


Here they are:

  1. Trunk Flexibility - this allows the golfer rotate maximally during the back swing, while keeping the hips/pelvis “quiet” during the back swing.
  2. Trunk Strength – this allows for the production of large amounts of power as long as you swing mechanics are on queue. Keep in mind that it is necessary to build adequate amounts of flexibility before moving on to building strength
  3. Hip Strength - this type of strength allows the golfer to make a successful transition from lateral movement to powerful rotation of the pelvis at the point of impact.
  4. Spinal Stability - this allow for golfer to have a consistent set up for his golf shot as well as prevent possible back injury due to fatigue.
  5. Wrist Strength/Endurance – this will allow the golfer to establish and maintain a successful wrist set.


If you improve these things then not only will your general fitness improve, your golf muscles will become stronger and in turn your scores will begin to drop.


Good luck.


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