3 tips for more dramatic drives

Published 13/12/2010 07:10:00

These three tips will each help you generate greater clubhead speed and produce your longest, most dramatic drives to date.


Closing The Gap

If you were to plant a shaft vertically in the ground just outside your lead foot and then turn into the backswing, a "gap" should be created between the shaft and the lead hip. To initiate the downswing, you should close that gap with the lower body, driving forward and the club following. By driving the lower body forward early in the downswing, you'll increase your clubhead speed and ensure a correct path for the club to follow.


Tug Of War

Another way to emphasize proper lower-body motion is the "Tug of War" drill. Address the ball, take the club back and then swing down to waist-high into a partner's hand. Now, try to pull the club out of your partner's grasp as if you were in a tug of war. You should instinctively pull with your legs and hips. This simulates the proper lateral shift.


Right Knee Kick

To complete the swing with maximum velocity, players must shift their weight forward. To help this movement, the right knee should kick forward toward the left knee. Imagine the right knee traveling with the shaft of the club. This will complete the weight shift, increase the speed of the club and allow the player to finish the swing facing the target.


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