18 Quick-fire Questions with Justin Rose

Published 21/08/2013 07:09:11

In the latest Into the Rough interview we fire 18 questions at England's Rose and US Open winner for 2013, Justin Rose. The Hampshire ace reveals where he takes his girlfriend on holiday and why 'Poults' is his favourite partner out on the golf course - after Kylie Minogue! It may also be worth checking www.coral.co.uk for the latest Open odds!


Q. How old were you when you got down to scratch?
A. 14 (was off +1 at this stage)

Q. Which is your favourite course in the world?
A. Loch Lomond (If the sun would shine!)

Q. What has been your career highpoint so far other than your maiden major victory?
A. Victor Chandler British Masters win

Q. Which rule would you abolish or amend?
A. Not being able to wear shorts!

Q. Which professional is your favourite playing partner?
A. Poults! (Ian Poulter)

Q. What is your outstanding ambition?
A. It was, to win a Major, now it's to win all four!

Q. Which sportsman do you most admire?
A. Johnny Wilkinson

Q. If you weren't a golfer, what would you like to be?
A. F1 Driver!

Q. Who has been the greatest influence on your golf?
A. My Dad

Q. What's the best advice/tip you can give to an amateur?
A. Hit enough club

Q. How important is sports psychology?
A. Very! I've been working with Frank Dick and Jos Vanstiphout.

Q. Who coaches you?
A. Whenever I'm over in the States I always try to fit in a session with David Leadbetter. I have emailed my swing to him a few times and we have talked on the phone about what to work on. Then he sent me a video clip of Ernie Els to show me what he meant!

Q. How far on average do you drive the ball?
A. 290 yards

Q. In your opinion, who's the greatest golfer of all time?
A. Tiger Woods

Q. Which of your clubs would you be most upset to lose?
A. Putter

Q. Which is your favourite tour venue?
A. Augusta National

Q. Who would make up your favourite fourball?
A. Kylie, Britney, Kate (my wife) and me. Very superficial, but what the heck!

Q. Where did you last go on holiday?
A. We had a great holiday in Mauritius at the fantastic 'One & Only' Le Touesserok Resort  and arrived home for Christmas very relaxed.


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