10 tips to network on the golf course

Published 04/07/2009 13:00:53

Golf is a game of networking and there are many opportunities for success and failure on the course. If you're not close friends with your boss then a game of golf could be a daunting prospect. Follow our tongue-in-cheek guide to networking and playing with the boss to get ahead or avoid the sack.


1. Turn up on time

Who wants to be waiting round for an idiot who can't turn up on time? It's time they'll never get back - and may never forgive you for

2. Play competitively...

Be civil but never spare your opponent when the chance is there - this is a competition.

3....but never get carried away

If you suffer from "golf rage" then keep a lid on it or don't bother at all. No-one wants to see a maniac swinging a golf club into the turf

4. Dress appropriately

Dress according to the golf course you're playing on and the personality you either have, or want to convey. If you're not an exuberant person then coming dressed like Payne Stewart.

5. Don't spend too much time on lost balls

Balls aren't expensive, time is. And if you are trying to impress people, then their time is even more expensive. So do everyone a favour and hit another.

6. Don't take too long on shots

How many practice swings do you need? You probably don't need more than 3 so get on with it - before you get left behind.

7. Stay sober

Being drunk is generally a bad idea for obvious reasons. However if your boss is ok with that and encourages you, then stay ahead of the curve and be more sober than him/her. This will mean you won't feel guilty and will actually remember what happened.

8. Chat but don't gossip

No-one likes a gossip, people love to gossip but you don't want a reputation. But you've got to be chatty even if it's not in your makeup. Golf is a social game so make the round easier by talking it through. Ignore rule if networking with computer programmers.

9. Offer to pay

Even if you don't intend to and know your boss or friends won't accept it, offer to pay - be it in the round or afterwards in the bar. Hopefully they'll say no but you'll have made a good impression.

10. Relax and be yourself

Have fun and let your personality show through. Be natural and all else will follow - and if you can't get on then at least win!


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