10 reasons to take up golf

Published 22/06/2009 15:39:39

Looking for a push in your decision to take up golf? Maybe you just want to settle an argument about why golf isn't just a good walk spoiled. Whatever your reasons, we're here to convince you golf is a great game, and here's 10 good reasons why.


1. Exercise

Golf may be more physical than you think. Remove any image of overweight old men in golf buggies from your mind and look at fitness freaks like Tiger Woods.

Golf is about walking - a hell of a lot of walking. Walking is great exercise and is low impact on your joints. Plus you'll get a great tan in summer.


2. Challenge

There are few more challenging, and therefore rewarding, games than golf. It's notoriously difficult to master. Really you should aim to have fun and get better rather than for birdie or par on every hole. Beginners are often shocked at how hard it is to swing consistently.

There's few things more rewarding than a great shot or even a great round though. The sense of accomplishment from golf is something you have to experience.


3. Scenery

Playing on a well maintained course is a stunning experience. No matter where you live, there will be a course with great scenery. Of course your local municipal course might not take your breath away but there's always courses with fabulously maintained fairways if you can afford to play on them.

Looking for golf courses ?


4. Relaxation

As golf is quite a slow game, with rounds often taking four hours plus, you have a lot of time to relax and reflect on things. Add this to the endorphins released by the gentle exercise and you've got a perfect escape from the rat race.


5. Making friends

Golf is an inherently social game. It's not necessary to play with other people, indeed the biggest challenge is playing against the course, but it is a lot more fun. Playing for wagers or joke bets is great fun, as well as playing in teams against each other.

Even if you aren't competitive, you'll spend a lot of time walking and waiting at holes - plenty of time to chat and get to know people. If that isn't your thing then there's absolutely no requirement to play with others - misanthropy is no barrier in this game!

  tiger woods flexes muscles

6. Physical requirements

Golf isn't a game where the bigger man will always hit further. Although this obviously helps, those of us with bad backs, dodgy knees or puny forearms can perform perfectly well.

It's obvious that stronger players will have the tendency to hit the ball further, but golf is more about consistency and mental strength than physical prowess. Get your swing right first and then work on the muscles!


7. Fun

Golf is, above all else, supposed to be fun. It can be a cruel game and often you may not know just why a shot went the wrong way or why you duffed it. But then you'll hit a magical chip or sink a massive putt and everything will be ok again. That's golf - pleasure and pain in one game.

As you get practise and get better, it gets more fun and you spend a lot less time searching for lost balls!


8. Money

Golfers make big money - just look at Tiger Woods! Ok, ok, so you'd have to be talented and very lucky to make it but why not? Maybe you could hot-house your kids and get rich through them.

Joking aside, pro golfers make big money and even your local pro probably charges a hefty amount for lessons. What's better than getting paid for something you love?


9. Networking

Golf isn't just a social pastime - many corporate games are organised for the purposes of induction, getting to know workmates or trying to impress clients. I'm sure many business deals have been struck on the golf course.

You may be giving yourself a gentle head start by learning to play and not embarrassing yourself in front of the boss.


10. Golf prolongs life!

Don't believe us? Read on:

"Golf players have a lower death rate regardless of sex, age and social group. The effect is greater for golfers from blue-collar professions than for those from white-collar professions. The lowest rates are found in the group of players with the lowest handicap (i.e. the best golfers)."


There you have it - 10 reasons to enjoy the greatest game in the world. So what are you waiting for?


1.  11) Golf gets me away from the wife

comment by Golf Fanatic - 01/07/2009 10:32

2.  I find golf is good for making music; after a good game I can write some crazy tunes!

comment by Jac Sporadic - 21/07/2012 08:08

3.  I am thinking about taking up golf. It sounds like a challenging sport but one that soothes the soul. I can easily find used golf sets (2nd hand shops/thrift shops have heaps) and get balls for basically nothing. Its just the fees associated with playing that are payable to the club including hire of a caddy. Membership would not be an option as I would like to play at different courses. I already mountain bike so becoming a social golfer might put a strain on the budget if I play regularly considering I am in between jobs at present.

comment by Matt - 11/08/2014 10:18

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