Wilson FG Tour Ball Review

Published 05/04/2010 13:03:00

First thing I noticed is how soft it feels, really reminded me of the old balata balls. Nice 'click' off the clubface. Despite its softness, I didn't notice any loss of distance on either woods or iron shots.


Unfortunately, due to heavy rain on the golf course the night before, we were on temporary greens so a bit difficult to really judge the amount of spin that you can get with this ball. I did hit one punchy 9 iron into a green that even on a fairway temp green still spun back a couple of yards.


On proper greens this ball is really going to zip back. Because of the soft cover, it did scuff up a little bit on wedge shots but nothing drastic. As expected, a nice soft feel off wedges too.

My normal ball is the Taylormade TP red. For firm summer greens, I think the Wilson would be a very good choice for those that like a soft feel and lots of spin. I paid £26 for a dozen, they are available at £40 for 2 dozen online, at these prices they are excellent value.

For those old enough to remember, I would say this ball is very similar to the Titleist Professional, the forerunner to the Pro V1.

Overall verdict, highly recommended.


1.  Now _that's_ a useful review, particularly the summary comparison at the end. If this ball really is comparable to the old Titleist Professional, but doesn't go out of round like the Professional did and is about as long as the other balls out there, it would leap immediately to at or near the head of the class right away. The Professional had a great feel to it, just firm enough, about where the Maxfli XFs were. I hated the old Tour Balatas and never played them when I was playing competitively as a low-level pro, even though almost everybody else around me did--I'd hit mostly Maxflis instead, but _all_ of those balls would go out of round, most of them quickly. I played the Wilson True Tour for a while; it was a good consistent ball particularly around the greens, because it really was perfectly balanced and perfectly round as advertised, but when they discontinued it and went to the True Tour Elite, it was as hard and feel-less as any player's ball on the market. Terrible.

Anyhow...God, if this FG ball really does have the feel of the Professional, and is long enough to crank out there with the other player's balls...wow. What could beat it, unless you actually _like_ the hard and soulless feel of balls like the ProV1x, the B330, the Callaway, etc.? I swear, we have a whole generation of players growing up without any idea of what good feel and good sound in a ball are like...

comment by stephen f - 18/05/2010 08:10

2.  Sorry, one minor carp: If all the photos I've seen of the box are more or less true to color, who the hell figured it'd be a good idea to take Wilson's re-entry into the serious player's ball market and put it in a box that's half 1949 black-and-white TV, and half the color of your grandma's faded brown naugahyde chair in the extra bedroom? I mean, what the hell?

comment by steve f - 18/05/2010 08:17

3.  Thanks for the post, really good, detailed review. I use the FG Tour ball and I love it - great control and spin around the green.

I was shopping around for them recently and game across equipio.com who are running a competition to win a dozen! It was free to enter as well, so it's a win/win! The link can be found at equipio.com/blog/tag/wilson

Great post, keep it up!

comment by Nick - 09/02/2011 10:50

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