Top 5 Golf Full Swing Training Aids

Published 25/07/2012 18:07:04

This article is written by out guest golf professional Gareth Naden, teacher and pro since 2003.

Golf full swing training aids "assist during the conduct of training and the process of learning", as defined by Wikipedia. Not much to go on and a bit redundant to say the least, but what actually do golf full swing training aids do? Well, they help create the proper motor skills by creating the correct feeling or motion within the golfer's swing.

I rely on training aids a lot during my lessons and I feel that they are a necessary tool to helping improve someone's golf swing. Telling someone the proper way to perform their golf swing and then expecting them to do it without any training would be insane, and I would not have much success.

So, out of the countless training aids that I have seen and used over the years, I have narrowed it down to my top 5. These are the training aids that I cannot live without and I feel they have the ability to help almost any golfer out there. I have had much success with these, and in some cases, have worn through several of them. I recommend that my students purchase these 5 training aids, use them, abuse them, (and/or sleep with them, whatever it takes!)


TacTic Wrist Indicator

TacTic wrist indicator

My number 5 training aid is something called the TacTic Wrist Indicator.

This device straps on to the golfer's lead hand very easily and has a thin metal plate that borders the back of the hand and the wrist.

The plate is encased in a vinyl sleeve, and when the golfer hinges their wrist the plate indicates whether the wrist is flat or cupped. Why is this important? Well, club face awareness and the ability to deliver a square club face is something that every golfer should develop. And, an open club face is the cause of so many wayward shots with a cupped wrist being the leading cause of an open club face. If you suffer from an open club face via a cupped wrist, then this device will drive you to drink.

The thin metal plated clicks as soon as the golfer cups their wrist and it can be a devil to try and not make this click. I have used this on so many golfers and they have developed an acute awareness of how their wrist hinge is affecting the club face angle.

TacTic also makes a device for the lead elbow and helps someone maintain a straight lead arm.


Swing Wave

swing wave golf swing trainer

The Swing Wave is a great device for developing good extension and release in a golf swing.

The device is a container that can be filled with water and is attached on the end of quarter length of golf shaft. It is swung just like a golf club, and as the water shifts inside of the container (especially through impact), the weight of the water pulls the golfer's arms into a fully extended and released position. The amount of water and therefore the weight of the device can be adjusted depending on the strength of the golfer.


Power Swing Fan

power swing fan golf training aid

The Swing Fan is very versatile and can be used for several areas of the full swing. The device itself is a gripped shaft that is about half the length of a full iron shaft, and it has 4 paddles at the end. The paddles create wind resistance as the golfer is swinging it and thus it takes some effort to swing this device.

The Swing Fan is great for creating lag in the golf swing, and it also helps strengthen the golf muscles. As it takes a certain amount of effort to swing it, it can only be swung by using the larger core muscles not just the arms and hands. This is also a great device for creating a good, extended release.

I have also used this for hip sway by placing it outside of the golfer's rear hip. The shaft extends up and creates an indicator for the amount of hip sway that is happening in the backswing, much like sticking a shaft in the ground behind the golfer.


Path Pro

path pro golf swing training aid

One of the most versatile golf full swing training aids out there, the Path Pro can be extended, rotated, and position in a number of ways the help "shape" a golfer's swing.

There is a solid base which houses a swivelling arm and on the end of the arm is a foam noodle. I have used this for swing plane, limiting someone's backswing, re-shaping someone's backswing (either steeper or more shallow), and creating a more inside approach into the golf ball.

The uses of the Path Pro are seemingly endless, and I am always trying to find a new way to use it. As with any good training aid, the Path Pro is versatile, easy to use, and easy to understand.






Weighted Club

weighted training club

My number one training aid has to be a weighted club. There is no better way to develop the correct tempo and speed throughout the golf swing. Too many golfers are trying to build speed and manipulate the club with the arms and hands.A weighted club makes this very difficult and somewhat impossible, and again, the larger core muscles have to be used to swing a weighted club.

Weighted clubs come in all shapes and sizes with varying weights, but any of them can be used to help improve someone's golf swing. Every golfer who is serious about keeping their swing in shape should have a weighted club on hand.

A great warm up tool before a round or as part of an off-season training program, a weighted club is the best full swing training aid out there. I honestly believe that if someone did nothing else but swing a weighted club every day, they would see improvement in their full swing.



There is obviously no shortage of training aids out there today. There is no doubt that some are gimmicky and bogus, but there are a host of others that have the ability to help you improve your golf swing. These are my top five and I encourage you to seek them out and try them. Let us know how they worked for you and how you improved your golf swing.


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