Best Golf Drivers

Published 08/01/2009 12:43:39

Drivers are the most repurchased single club in golf because they do the one simple thing golfers love to do - they hit the ball a long way.

So how can you find the right driver? In this review we give a run down of some of the current models on the market which are really improving the fortunes of golfers everywhere. Also included is a recommended handicap for the driver and what benefits each one has to offer so you can better acquaint yourself with what could be a genuine turning point for lowering that handicap



1. Srixon ZTI

srizon zti

Srixon are starting to make headway in the driver market now and this driver will only add to its growing stature. But as golfers, most of us are likely to pick up a better known brand before the Srixon and go with what we think to be the "safe option". Please think again.

The driver has a tungsten screw weight in the back of the club and starburst internal face geometry with tour bulge and roll areas that improve dispersion patterns. Now I have no idea what any of that means but the feeling when hitting the club is uniquely powerful and certainly for value is probably the best on the test. The low ball flight might not suit everyone but for a good mid handicapper this club is perfect.

Handicap and golfer range - 0 -16 and anyone who likes a driver that will make them smile.





2. Titleist D2 Driver

Titleist D2

Titleist have always had drivers that are geared to suit the lower handicap player, the D2 is no exception. With a 460cc club in the bargaining mid handicap golfers can now get a look in.

The D2 has a classic shape and penetrating ball flight, if you're a lower handicap player who want the best technology for their game then stick one in the bag. If you're a mid handicap player then give it a wallop but be prepared for less forgiveness than some of the other clubs on this test.

Handicap and Golfer range - 0 - 14 and anyone who wants to look like they know what their doing.    




3. Nike SQ 5900

Nike SQ 5900

The SQ driver range have been flying of the shelves recently and there is no doubt that they are a quality club. As far as technology goes, this driver is up there with the best on the test, square club head and next generation titanium club head material are just some of the features bolted on to this driver. But the most impressive thing about it is the amount of forgiveness experienced on off centre hits without the loss of distance.

If you are a golfer who hits the ball wayward then this could be your knight in shining armour. The sound is more pleasing than some of the earlier models and the square club head, although never looking classic, is still reasonable behind the ball. It's at the high end of the market price wise but it was one of the most forgiving on the test.

Handicap and golfer range -8+ handicap and for golfers with a big wallet and big miss hits.





4. Taylormade - Burner

TaylorMade Burner

This driver (the 18th TaylorMade have released this year alone!) has a bullet shaped head with an inverted cone face which gives a high moment of inertia to help create more forgiveness for hackers. It also has a fancy name But I would say exactly the same thing about the previous Burner model that was only released at the start of the year.

The main concern with this driver that despite the benefits it will lose its value quickly when the next model comes out (rumor being at the end of this year) which is very disappointing when you compare it to a Titleist or Ping which hold there value for almost a two year period.

Handicap and golfer range - 10+ and for golfers who want great technology but who don't mind being a little ripped off.




5. Callaway FT5

Callaway FT5

Modern Callaway drivers all seem to have had the same problem for me. Ever since the FT range was launched the sound they make has been echoing through the links of this lands to many head turning members, however this is not because of the beautiful epic sound it's making. In truth, it sounds like a wet salmon being slapped against a school yard wall.

Another problem with this driver is that it feels dead in your hands when struck, this might be because of the carbon composite body but I couldn't really tell how well I was hitting it until I checked the distances.

Now this is where the driver comes good, it goes a very - very - very long way with a solid piercing trajectory, all this adds up to a driver that doesn't feel or sound nice but will do exactly what it says on the tin.

Handicap and golfer range - 0-18 and for golfers hard of hearing.





6. Bridgestone J 330

Bridgestone J330

Bridgestone are a major player in Asia and the USA yet in the UK they are a relatively unknown commodity. However their new range of clubs may change this, it has flaws that's for sure; for a start it looks when displayed in a shop like a much cheaper club, almost like Bridgestone have endeavoured to build a Ferrari engine then wrapped it in the shell of a Fiat Panda. But when you put the club down behind the ball things become so clear, it looks simple, clean and neat compared to every other club on the test. You may think it strange but it was a breath of fresh air to hit a club that didn't look like it had landed from the planet Zog.

The club is so simple to use the designers didn't even bother to stick an alignment aid on top of the club, the hidden screw weight in the back of the diver gives and incredibly stable ball flight and the sound yes my friends the sound of the ball off this club is fantastic, its gone straight into my bag.

Handicap and golfer range - All handicaps and for those in the need of something simple.





7. Ping G10

Ping G10

This driver arrived with all the song and dance attributed to a wet July because, to be honest, nothing really seemed to have changed from the G5. Ping have made it a little bit see through on top, turned it copper and made the sole look like a badly distorted piece of modern art. But Ping are not stupid, the G10 is a no-thrills, slightly modified G5 and it's top quality - the plasma welded face and sloped crown and sole are technological mainstays from the previous models and give this driver such a solid performance.

The most impressive things about the G10 is that it outperforms the Taylor-made and Callaway on off centre hits and doesn't kick up any fuss about it, a simple solid mid to high handicap masterpiece.

Handicap and golfer range - 12+ handicap but some better golfers might appreciate its simplicity and ease of use.






8. Benross Innovator

Benross Innovator

Who are they? If you would have asked me that question a few years ago I would have shrugged my shoulders picked up a paper and hid behind it from you. Now however my ears will always perk up, Benross have been producing some quality clubs recently which are available for very cheap prices, the Innovator is their attempt at a triangle shaped head and although it looks a bit like a Spiderman villain, the performance is very good and the price is considerably lower than its nearest competitors - almost 50% when compared to the Taylor made.

Handicap and golfer range - 15+ Handicap and for golfers who don't care about looks but personality (and price)


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