Cobra S2 Driver Review

Published 27/03/2010 19:31:30

The Cobra S2 Driver looks great, featuring a smart black finish which is guaranteed to turn a few heads at the driving range. It's a game-improvement club but we'd recommend it for low-to-mid handicap golfers.


What the manufacturers say

"S2 Offset offers innovation and superior performance in a conventional design. We've engineered faster ball speeds (for longer distance), more forgiveness, better sound and optimized the center of gravity (CG) to maintain draw bias without changing face angle."


The tech

Adjustable Flight Technology or AFT means you can choose from three face settings - neutral, open or closed. This system is really easy to use and although some clubs may offer more options, the effects of an AFT change can be seen quickly and are far more than just a gimmick.


Using the club

One thing to note when hitting balls is just how they come off the clubface at impact - it feels as if they're jumping off the face.

Shaping shots with the club is not a problem and although our reviewer had a slower swing speed, he was not penalised in terms of distance.


The verdict

We loved this club - it looks great and it sounds great. It is definitely one for the better golfers amongst you. and is priced towards the higher end of the market. But you get what you pay for - quality and consistency every time.



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