Book review: Lines of Charm

Published 25/09/2013 06:03:00

Lines of Charm
Edited/Compiled by Geoff Shackelford
ISBN: 1-58726-260-6
183 pages

It has often been suggested that an uninteresting hole might be improved by lengthening it, but it would be a safe axiom to adopt, ‘It will only be made worse and take longer to play. Shorten it and get it over.'
-Alister MacKenzie

For the golf course architecture enthusiast and golf historian alike, Geoff Shackelford has collected stories, quotes, cartoons, and tales from the founding fathers of golf 's Golden Age. Before national course rankings existed, the experts on golf course aesthetics were the men that designed and built the best tracks. Shackelford's compilation captures the genius of classic golf architecture with anecdotes and sage observations, not the opinions of PGA Tour players and media critics. Lines of Charm is more than an assortment of clever quotes, it offers insight to the philosophy that envisioned and designed such tracks as Chicago Golf, Augusta National, Pine Valley, and Pinehurst #2. Readers will be amazed with the timeless observations that are still debated by today's experts.

Lines of Charm is a little treasure of quotable quotes that is a delightful addition to your library and chats while waiting to peg it up on a dreadfully slow moving modern track. Plus, readers will have an insightful answer to the question, "What did you think of that hole?"

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