Book review: Golfing With the Stars

Published 20/09/2013 06:57:00

A Passion for Golf
By Ann Liguori
292 pages
ISBN: 1-58979-304-8

"It can't be mastered. I think it's the toughest, most intriguing and difficult sport, yet inspiring game." Matthew McConaughey

Golf correspondent and talk show host Ann Liguori has lived many a golfer's dream. A Passion For Golf is her collection of 34 celebrity interviews on golf. The interviews do not merely focus on golf; Liguori taps into deeper subjects. One example is her time with cartoonist Charles Shultz, the man who created Snoopy and Charlie Brown, and offers many insights into life's lessons as well.

Our favorite chapter is with Mr. Sound Bite, Charles Barkley. Barkley doesn't sidestep questions about his awkward swing hitch; moreover, he reveals an interesting perspective as an African-American superstar playing at private clubs. "There's nobody here bugging me, asking for autographs and stuff. Most of the people at these country clubs are stuck up so they leave me alone."

A Passion For Golf offers a rare glimpse of celebrities in a relaxed state, playing the game they love. Or the game they respect and simply enjoy.

Pick up a copy of A Passion For Golf , and enjoy Liguori's collection that includes legends like Yogi Berra, Matthew McConaughey, Brett Favre, Smokey Robinson, Kevin Costner, and Joe Pesci.


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