What are the causes of a shank and how can I cure mine?

Published 18/04/2011 07:19:00


I have been hitting a few shanks lately. What are the causes of a shank and how can I cure mine?



Here at the Ken Venturi Golf Academies we don't even say the "S" word. We call them lateral pitch outs!!! Once you start creating a swing path that results in these shots, it feels awful. The swing path is what we need to fix. There are a few things that can cause this poor path. Check your alignment. Keep your feet, hips, and shoulders all parallel to your target. Keep your weight back behind the balls of your feet to help you turn around your spine. We need to stop the swing path from coming over the top on the downswing which is the main cause for the "lateral pitch out."

Try putting your feet close together with a short iron in your hands. Try to hit the ball. If swung properly, you'll find your path coming more inside and you will release the club more down your target line, thus resulting in a more square hit at impact. Also take a look at your grip. Make the "V" s formed by your fore finger and thumb of both hands point between your right shoulder and your right eye so that neither hand is in too strong a position.

Answered by Ken Venturi Golf Academy



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