My right arm is about 1.5" shorter than the left arm. How this would affect my golf swing?

Published 14/03/2011 07:19:00


My right arm is about 1.5" shorter than the left arm. Can you explain how this would affect my golf swing? 



The good news for you is this. You may remember a name from the 70's in golf, Calvin Peete. Calvin actually fractured his arm so severely during childhood that it was much shorter than his other. He won a number of PGA Tour events.


The only thing I would watch for to begin with is that you keep your hands in a good position on the club. Just because the right arm is shorter, don't let your right hand slide underneath the club into a too strong position. This would get you out of position at address and effect your releasing the club at impact properly. Keep the "V" formed by your right index finger and your thumb pointing between your right shoulder and right eye. If you make a good move with your hips and shoulders through the ball, the effects will be minimal. Have a professional check your hand position at impact to see that the club is not releasing too quickly. Alignment at set will also be something to check regularly. Our goal is to keep your feet, hips and shoulders as parallel to your target line as possible. If having this condition opens your shoulders slightly, don't be alarmed. Use your shoulder turn and hip to pattern the shape of your swing and you'll be fine.



1.  Only watch the grip
Do I play the ball be in my stands
Will that help
My right arm is 2 inches shorter
It has to make a difference in my swing
What can I do to make up for this shortness

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