My little finger is damaged - any tips for gripping whilst it heals?

Published 28/03/2011 07:19:00


3 months ago while hiking I hyper-extended the pinky finger of my right hand. I still experience pain and weakness in the area. the pain is severe if pressure is applied to finger forcing it away from the fourth finger. Overlapping or interlocking grip is now out of the question, Please advise.



Until the finger completely heals, using a ten finger or baseball grip will get you through. Make sure though that the "V"s formed by your fore finger and thumb point between your right shoulder and right eye for a right handed player, the opposite for a lefty. This will keep your hands in a neutral position. The hands won't work as well together with this ten finger grip, just don't let either hand gain too much control by gripping with your palms and thus moving these "V" s outside a neutral position. Feeling the grip in your fingers also with all grips is most preferred.  


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