I tense up in my downswing and end up fatting the ball. What drills can I do?

Published 05/09/2013 20:22:09

Q. I tense up in my downswing and end up dipping and fatting the ball from trying to hit it too hard. What drills can I perform to stop tensing up in the downswing?

A. This is a classic example of our brain controlling our body.So, if we can get you a new focus the tension will disappear.

It's all about making a commitment to a new focus during your swing instead of your focus switching to the ball and trying to hit it as hard as possible.

First, try a fun exercise of humming while you swing!

You can do it in your head of course, so no-one else need know about it, but I know Tour players who do this effectively too. If you can maintain a calm, even volume during your swing it will be fluid and tension free.

Second, commit to holding your attention on one of the following during your swing: your target, intended ball flight or a complete and fluid followthrough.

Keep your attention on one of those by holding a mental image in your mind of a positive outcome



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