I straighten my knee in the backswing - any recommendations?

Published 17/05/2011 07:19:00


I'm 37 years old and I just started playing golf about a year ago. I'm a 20 handicap, and one of my biggest problems right now is that I have a tendency to straighten my right knee on my back swing - especially with the long irons and the driver. Do you have any recommendations as to what to do to stop doing this? Thank you. 



Keeping the flex in your legs throughout your swing is a fundamental that must be attained. Many times when I see this problem in a student, they have a tendency to keep their weight too far out on their toes during the swing. Keep the weight behind the balls of your feet and this should help make it easier to keep a constant knee flex.  



1.  From a physical standpoint, check your internal hip rotators as they may restrict hip rotation and as a result, the trail leg can be pulled into a locked position. Weak glutes can also play a factor

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