I pull my shots but when adjusting aim I hit it straight!

Published 10/09/2013 06:51:00

Q. I play off 13, but when I play a mid or short-iron approach I pull it left (right handed). But when I aim right to allow for the pull, it stays straight so I miss the green to the right! Why is this?

Can you help my pull?

A. It sounds as if when you aim right this "blocked" body position gives you something strong to hit against, so you create a stronger impact position and straight shots.

When you aim straight your leading side does not hold up into impact, so your face closes down and sends the ball left.

Here's the solution: Without a club, take a pretty strong set-up so your left arm is pretty much hanging down the line of your left leg. Place your right hand next to it then make a backswing with your right arm only.

Hold your left arm still as you wind up your trail side. Keep the right hand palm open, ready to strike the left. "Bang!" - deliver the right hand with a strong clap against the left hand, which should barely move.

This exercise keeps the "wall" of your left side in place. If your left arm follows you back, you are swaying off the "wall". If it moves towards the target before your trail hand hits, it shows your left side collapses at impact - giving you nothing to hit against.

Once you can do this drill, transfer the feeling to your swing.


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