I'm a lefty who takes deep divots, will increasing wrist strength help?

Published 04/04/2011 07:19:00


I am a left handed golfer. I take deep divots with my irons and sometimes fairway woods. I either need to know if I need instruction on hitting my irons or if there is some exercise I can do to increase my wrist strength? 



Increasing your wrist strength will not fix your problem. The deep divot is what we need to fix. Deep divots are formed by too steep an angle at impact. We need to get your weight moving more forward during your downswing to shallow out that angle of attack.

As a drill, find a doorway in your house or office where you can set up and take a swing. Put your lead foot up against the doorway. Swing back away from the doorway opening a gap between your lead hip and the doorway. The first move I want you to make on the downswing is to get your lead hip to close that gap and hit against the doorway. This will get your lower body leading the downswing and shape your swing more like an elongated "U" verses the steeper "V" shape you must have now. Strengthening your hands and wrists is always a positive in golf, but it won't fix a too steep attack angle.



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