I'm 63; started golf 9 months ago, my lower back is killing me - help!

Published 21/02/2011 07:19:00


I'm 63; started golf 9 months ago, my lower back is killing me. Some say it's my follow through that is causing it. Can you suggest something?



When you look at the golf swing mechanics it is easy to understand why the majority of injuries in golf are to the lower back. The extreme rotation is centered mostly in the lower spinal area. As well, during the swing the muscles of the abdomen and lumbar spine are fully active. These forces can create several problems in the lower back.


One common problem is the 'Reverse C' position in the golf follow through. This is due to rotation of the lumbar spine at the top of the backswing with subsequent uncoiling and hyperextension through the downswing and follow through. This places increased and dangerous stress on the spine.


I recommend you work with your golf pro to help fix any mechanical errors in your golf swing, especially the follow through.


Additional causes of back pain and injuries are overuse, physical fitness deficiencies (aerobic capacity, strength, flexibility), and no pre game warm up. All of these can be corrected or avoided with a little attention.


Pay attention to proper body mechanics on the golf course for such activities as teeing or marking your ball and picking a ball out of the hole. The constant incorrect flexing of the spine can lead to problems. As well be careful when retrieving and placing your golf bag in the car, again this can put the back in a position for injury.


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