I break my left elbow and think it costs me power

Published 03/05/2011 07:19:00


One of the flaws in my golf game is my left arm. Invariably when I draw back I break at the elbow and I am sure lose a lot of power and golf technique at that point. Can you tell me of a teaching/swing aid to wear, or a practice technique to do that could break me of this bad habit and get me in the right swing groove. Thanks so much!



If the left elbow is breaking down on the back swing, we need to work on our flexibility to create a longer back swing and generate more power. I want you to feel the takeaway in your left shoulder, not your hands. Don't worry about whether your get the club all the way back to parallel on the takeaway. Look to turn your shoulder back under your chin to a 90 degree position to the target or as close to it as you can. By controlling your backswing with the bigger body muscles and not the hands and arms, you'll generate more power and lessen that left arm breakdown.  


1.  Often a tight T-Spine (mid-back) will limit the backswing and in an effort to get the club back further, the arms breakdown. Check for range of motion in the T-spine and lats. Strengthen the triceps, as well, to be able to hold a straight left arm as you take the club back.

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