How do I determine the right grip size for my iron?

Published 28/02/2011 07:19:00


How do I determine the right grip size for my iron?



Probably the easiest way to determine your grip size is to first check the type of grip you are looking to use and the physical size of your hands. The key element to every good grip is the position your hands take on the club. Regardless of which type of grip you employ, overlapping, interlocking or ten finger, the V's formed by your thumb and fore finger of both hands need to point between your right shoulder and right eye for the right handed player (opposite terms for leftys). If the grip size on your existing club does not allow you to easily attain these positions, then you might look to alter the grip size.


Also check the shape of your golf shots. A grip that is too thin will generally force the hands to release too quickly forcing a pull or draw. Grips that are too thick will generally force the opposite, not allowing your hands to release and force a pushed or sliced result. Cord grips tend to be a bit larger to begin with. If you have larger hands, you might want to try an additional wrap or two of grip tape underneath the grip to alter its size. All in all grip size is a personal feel issue. My advice is not to go too crazy in either direction, large or small. Keep the grip in your fingers and check those V's for a good result.


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