How can I while keeping in mind that faster clubhead speeds makes the ball go farther?

Published 30/12/2010 07:19:00


Everyone says I need to slow my swing down. How can I while keeping in mind that faster clubhead speeds makes the ball go farther?



You can't. If you are trying to make a technique adjustment while doubting the effectiveness of the change, it won't work. You will wreak all kinds of havoc with your game.


The first thing you need to do is visit a good pro. Visit two. Get reliable advice on whether or not your swing speed is in need of repair. Or, is it something else in your game that would benefit from improvement?


At the most, pick out one thing that you fully believe will result in lower scores if you tinker with it. Then get committed to making the change. It doesn't matter if you are a high handicapper or a scratch golfer, introducing mechanical adjustments will at first weaken your game. You have to be prepared for this.


It's quite a bit like road construction. When a crew first tears up pavement, traffic gets worse. You face seemingly endless waits behind an orange flag waver, or you have to take extended detours. In the long run, though, the road becomes a luxurious boulevard.


Patience and commitment are crucial. If the construction crew panicked when traffic started clogging, and abandoned the repair, you'd be left with congestion and a half-chewed up road. They might as well not have started at all.


If you decide to undergo a swing modification, don't second guess performance elements such as clubhead speed. Get committed. The right adjustment is about better shooting in the long run. Set aside a block of time appropriate for grooving your new swing. Be patient. Expect to diverge from the comfort and safety of your old swing for a while.


In addition, it's a good idea to find a model. That could be someone at your local club, or videotape of a player on tour who executes the type of swing you¿re going after. A model will show you the light at the end of the tunnel.


Just remember, however, there are scores of players who make lofty livings at golf with flaws in their mechanics. When all is said and done, winning isn't a matter of who strokes the ball purely. It's who puts the ball in the cup.


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